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How retailers get you to spend

Ever walk through a department store and wonder why they go to all the trouble to show off an entire bedroom full of furniture, bedding and accessories?

No, it's not to make the store pretty. Marketers know that if you can create an image in a shopper's mind of what the bedroom is supposed to look like, odds are better you'll pick up the pillows or artwork to go with that new bedspread.

And those freebies - like the makeup lesson at the department store counter, or the free tasting at the wine store? Marketers know that the more time you spend - and the better your connection with the salesperson - the more likely you are to buy something.

After all, you'd feel bad just walking away after you spent fifteen minutes with somebody showing you something, right?

And another gimmick that works - "BOGO" sales. Take a closer look at the next "buy one, get one" sale you see - odds are good it's a "buy one, get one half off" offer, and that's really just a 25 percent discount - nothing close to what you might find at a clearance rack!

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