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Why is the "Buy" button so easy to click?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Little Benji knows the rule now, but he didn't a few months ago.

"Don't buy any games or shows without talking to mom and dad first," he said.

It is a lesson he learned the hard way though he didn't mean to make the mistake.  One day his mom Shelly was at work while Benji was home with his dad.

"Suddenly I started getting emails from Amazon that said thank you for your purchase," Shelly said.

The first was for $1.99.  Then $4.99.  Then there was a purchase for $47.99.

"I called my husband right away and said what's going on, he's buying things on the Kindle," Shelly said.

WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton says online retailers realize this happens and they're usually understanding about refunding money if the mistake is caught right away.

However, she says, there are a couple of things parents can do to make sure this doesn't happen to them.

"Password protect your device and don't give your kids the password.  That way if they want to use the tablet or the e-reader or the smart phone they have to ask you to enter the password.  Then you'll know they're on the device and you can watch them closely," Payton said.

She also recommends parents sign up for email notification of purchases from any site they stay logged into that is connected to a credit card.

"I'm glad I got those emails because I was able to call Amazon right away and they refunded the money.  They said this happens all the time," Shelly said.

This doesn't just happen to kids, though.  Many adults start shopping and get carried away.  Before they know it large charges are attached to their credit cards.

"Before you go online shopping make a list and stick to it.  If you are mindlessly shopping then at least put the items into your cart and go back and pay for them the next day.  After a good night of sleep you may realize you don't really need that item," Payton said.

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