See, Click, Fix: Creek, blocked by debris, cleared

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This latest See, Click, Fix reports takes us on a stroll through Cottonwood Nature Trail in Charlotte, but not all the sights were easy to take in where the trail crosses over McAlpine Creek.

Steve writes on "Debris in creek has blocked the water flow..." He even posted photos with his report which quickly caught our attention.

Up close we saw large and small pieces of wood drawn like magnets to the bridge's opening. We saw plenty of bottles and cups. We even saw what looked like a poisonous snake in the debris which made us really glad we had a zoom lens.

All of this puts the flow of water through the creek at risk. So we called storm water services and by the next day the problem was fixed!

"Storm water services sent out a crew to inspect it and they were able to remove the blockage from that section of McAlpine Creek. I'm told that the creek is running exactly the way it's supposed to which is our job to keep the creek flowing smoothly," says Sharon Foote with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services.

Foote says reporting this is as easy as picking up your phone and calling 311.

"Because we can't have our eyes and ears on all 3,000 miles of stream in Charlotte, Mecklenburg," Foote explains. "Or you can do what this resident did when he went to See, Click, Fix [online]. He reported it. WBTV contacted storm water services and within 24 hours the blockage was cleared from McAlpine Creek."

You can also report blockages by going to

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