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Sabates wants Hornets name back in Charlotte


Felix Sabates has owned a part of Charlotte's last two NBA franchises. He's been an investor with the Hornets, and has a stake in the Bobcats.

" I was one of the original four owners of the Hornets. So that name to me means a lot," Sabates said. "If we change the name to the Hornets without costing us an arm and a leg, I think it's worth making a change."

John Jackson A.K.A Red Foxx has turned much of his Northwest Charlotte home into a Hornets shrine complete with souvenirs, and personal memories.

Frustrated with the current state of the Bobcats, Jackson is among those saying bring back the buzz. 

"It's just terrible now right now, but it could be brought together," he said.

Images of the so called hornets hive are a part of our city's cultural identity from CMPD to the designation of important property.

Dr Dan Morrill is with Mecklenburg Historic Landmark.

"They called Charlotte's the hornets' nest. That was the nick name of this town for 100 years, until the 1880's," Morrill said.

While a historic name can bring pride, Sabates says having a winning franchise can put new fans in empty seats.

"I think the Hornets name will bring people in and will give us time to build a product that will be a competitive product," Sabates said.

NBA league officials contacted by WBTV were unaware of any effort to change the team's name. 

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