President Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Protestors in Charlotte

Hope your day is going well; this is Maureen O'Boyle in the WBTV newsroom.  It's been a very busy day here and in our First Alert Weather Center.

Day after Amendment One passes in North Carolina, President Obama says he supports same-sex marriage.  We'll get reaction and ask how this could impact the presidential race in this battleground state.

Almost 500 protestors continue a day-long march against Bank of America.  We've got the best team coverage of the huge gathering that has spanned several city blocks and most of the day since early this morning.  Protestors of all ages came from all over the country to protest the Charlotte-based bank and its lending practices.  They chose today because the bank's shareholders are in town for their meeting with CEO Brian Moynihan.  We'll hear the concerns of protestors and get reaction from the bank at five. Join us to find out if this will have an impact on customers.

Protest Gives CMPD a Dry-run Before Convention.   We've learned CMPD worked closely with protest organizers to make sure the protest stayed peaceful.  There were six arrests, but today's events gave the department a chance to examine its "extraordinary events" strategy for handling crowds ahead of September's Democratic National Convention.  You can see pictures here. 

Latest Social Media Craze could put you in danger.  Talk to just about anyone who's 'pinned' on the social media site "Pinterest" and they'll tell you it's addictive.  But crooks are now trying to fool you on the web site, it's a risk you don't want to take.  Kristen Miranda is "Protecting Your Cyberturf"!

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