PSI Monday: Couple's jackpot turns to junk

SHELBY, NC (WBTV) - John Ballinger and his wife Jackie thought they had hit jackpot.

"Actually this is a storage wars nightmare," said Jackie Ballinger.

The TV show "Storage Wars" has been a big hit. WBTV's Kristen Miranda has even given us the local view of this growing industry in an in-depth report. People show up at announced auctions and bid on abandoned storage units. The Ballingers decided to give it a shot and play the storage war game.

"There were four units listed," said Jackie Ballinger.

They showed up at a Shelby storage facility with a pocketful of recently inherited cash. The doors opened on one unit that really caught there eye.

"Yeah," said Jackie Ballinger. "Totally, totally excited."

Their winning big was $1650, but the excitement didn't last long.

"I feel like suckers written across my forehead," said Jackie Ballinger.

This is a storage war ride where it turns out, what the Ballingers thought is not what they bought.

"I've been had," said John Ballinger. "I just don't know by who(m) yet"

WBTV goes in search of answers. It's a "Problem Solver Investigation" Monday night on WBTV News 3 at 11.

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