Friends With Benefits-- Prostitution?

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 11:00PM—who would keep more than 100 dogs penned up in crates filled with mud and feces?  Without proper food, water or medical care?  Animal control officers seized the dogs at a home near Morganton.  The owner was already in jail on unrelated charges, but could face additional animal cruelty charges.  We'll get the latest from our reporter Steve Ohnesorge who broke the story.

We're also taking the lid off sugar daddies and sugar babies-- it's a web site putting men who want sex with women who want money.  One woman we interviewed says she's paid $5,000 monthly and is driving a new BMW.  So why isn't this practice considered prostitution?  You'll hear from a legal expert.

Plus, a terror plot thwarted.  A new and improved version of the "underwear bomber" is discovered and stopped before he could board a plane to the US.

And, a boy scout puts his training to work, saving the life of his baby sister.

Trending on Asheville police say they found drugs at the site where three people were bitten by a monkey.  According to reports, the monkey was running loose and just jumped on the victims. They said one person was bitten on the finger and the other two were bitten on their ears.  Read the story and tell us what you think

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