Warm and snowless winter for the Carolinas

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – It was a warm and snowless winter across much of the Carolinas.

Only a trace of snow fell in Charlotte the entire season, which has only happened eleven times since records began in 1878.  A trace was also reported for the seasonal total in Asheville, the first time ever that no measurable snowfall fell at the site in an entire winter season.  No snow fell at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport this winter, only the third winter this has happened.

Almost certainly a factor in our lack of snowfall was the very warm winter we saw.  Charlotte saw the warmest March on record, with an average temperature of 61.3 degrees.  April was actually cooler this year, with an average of 61.1 degrees.  Greenville-Spartanburg shattered the old record for its warmest March on record at 62.5 degrees.  The previous record was 60.6.

The latest reported snowfall in Charlotte occurred on April 28, 1928 when a trace of snow fell.