See, Click, Fix: Details on Miranda Road bridge progress

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Still surrounded by barricades it's clear this part of Miranda Road is not ready for drivers just yet, as NCDOT works diligently on the Miranda Road bridge in Charlotte.

"We have to go 2-3 miles out of our way just to take our kids to school or go to work!," says Allen on our See, Click, Fix page at

"The bridge was really not there before we even started construction," says Ron Graham, NCDOT Resident Engineer.

What Graham is referring to is the August 2011 flood. That same flood is what leveled the bridge that once stood over McIntyre Creek so crews are essentially building the bridge from scratch. There have also been some hiccups along the way.

"We're trying to work those out and in the meantime trying to stay on schedule as well," says Graham.

The design plans on paper didn't quite work on-site once the project got underway. So those need to be redone. Plus, on the day we were shooting of the construction a 12-inch water main busted gushing gallons of water everywhere.

All of this is not stopping NCDOT crews from finishing the task at hand.

"We will still pursue and the contractor has committed to pursue the work, and still try to complete the project for the contract's original completion time," Graham says.

So right now, the project at the bridge is on hold since NCDOT is waiting on new design plans. Officials still say the project is on schedule to be completed by June 30th.

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