Woman Accused Of Kidnapping mother and two children, trying to kill the mom!

Woman beaten with tire iron, pepper sprayed and baby stolen!  We're digging into a police case that gets more bizarre by the hour!  A woman is facing kidnapping and attempted murder charges after police say she kidnapped a mother and her two children.  She beat the mother with a tire iron and pepper sprayed her according to police, in an effort to make off with the woman's one month old child.  We've learned the suspect's home was decorated and readied for a baby to arrive, but according to police she is not pregnant.  There are lots of elements to this story that we continue to gather.  We'll have a live report tonight at five.

Hot! Hot! Hot!  We are half way through spring and it's feeling like summer!  The Pro-Am teed off at the Wells Fargo Championship  to some beautiful weather, but the heat is on.  Concord was already to 90 at 3:00pm.  We've had one round of storms already in the foothills.  Kelly Franson is keeping watch on the potential for more severe weather tonight in our First Alert Weather Center.

How Could They??  That's what neighbors are asking tonight! Criminals stole from the Zahra Baker Memorial!  The place where Zahra's remains were found is once again a crime scene.  We'll hear from investigators and talk with mourners who are outraged by the crime.

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