Occupy May Day takes off in many cities - but not ours

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - On the first of May, hundreds poured onto the streets of Manhattan protesting economic inequality.

In San Francisco, union ferry workers walked off the job, forcing the city to shutdown Golden gate ferry service.

In Chicago a small group of demonstrators walked through city streets, disrupting traffic.

Occupy Charlotte's Facebook page made it clear that the group was hoping for something similar.  The post says that in May, Charlotte will be the battleground for the Occupy Movement.

In early May both Duke Energy and Bank of America will have their annual shareholder meetings, and with so much attention on us for The Democratic National Convention, the city has gotten a new nickname…The Wall Street of the South.

But pointing all that out didn't do much good.

Here, May Day was a bit of a dud.

Occupy Charlotte member Scottie Wingfield was one of only a handful who showed up.

"We're just going to be here on The People's Lawn, as we're calling our old occupation site," she said around 11:00am that morning. "Just hanging out with each other, celebrating the day.  For people who are able to not work or not go to school today in observance of the general strike, we're welcoming them here."

Wingfield said she understood though why large groups of people didn't show.

"Here in Charlotte, with a state which doesn't recognize unions as well as other states do, it's very hard to organize workers," she said. "So we don't expect a huge amount of people to be able to go on strike today."

In other parts of the country, the movement did get a healthy boost from labor unions to help spread its message.  Occupy members went after it, because they believe union participation will help attract other supporters…new blood.

Still, here in Charlotte, there were hardly even any Occupy protestors.