Summertime Temps Bring Intense Summer Like Storms

Good afternoon this is Maureen O'Boyle in the WBTV newsroom where it's been a busy day for our reporters and now the First Alert Weather Center is hopping!

Severe weather…..Power Doppler Radar Network tracking a strong line of storms.  We're paying for these summer like temps with summer like storms tonight. Friends in the mountains and foothills are already getting the first round.  Meteorologist Kelly Franson says there's a real chance some of the storms could produce large size hail and gusty winds.  On our news tonight at five, we'll tell you where the storms are heading and how long this round will last from the First Alert Weather Center.

Lawsuit against a 'Dirty Detective'? Another woman points the finger at local sheriff's detective.  A second woman has joined a lawsuit alleging the detective assigned to her domestic violence case sexually harassed her.  Our Sharon Smith is digging into the case, asking why a man charged with helping victims get justice might have used his power to harass them.

A message from the grave!  A Virginia man gets a postcard sent to him by his late mother almost 60 years ago!  We're unraveling the mystery in the mailbox, and how Facebook played a role in it finally reaching its destination.

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I hope you'll join Paul Cameron, Kelly Franson, me and the rest of the WBTV News 3 team tonight at 5pm!