See, Click, Fix: Home In Disrepair Being Fixed

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Neighbors living in a northwest Charlotte development say things are looking a lot better today.

That follows a See, Click, Fix investigation.

Neighbors living along Southminster Lane told me an empty house there had been an eyesore since the folks who lived there moved out two years ago.

A blue tarp was put over the roof at that time, apparently part of a project to repair the roof, but nothing was ever done after that and over the course of time the tarp began to tear apart.

The lawn was left on its own and grew until it became so unsightly that neighbors began cutting it themselves.

I went out to the property two weeks ago and I'm glad to say that today the problem is being See, Click, FIXED.

Work is now underway at the house.

The tattered tarp has been removed and improvements are being made in the yard.

Neighbors tell me they're relieved to see something finally being done!

This comes after I contacted Charlotte's Code Enforcement Division, which has been extremely prompt in dealing with the issue.

An inspector has been out to the house and initiated action, saying there are obvious housing code violations that need to be addressed.

Code enforcement has sent out a letter, left a door hanger, and also contacted the company handling an apparent foreclosure with the property.

An inspector is also scheduled to go out to the property again for a more in-depth look to assess the extent of the violations.  I'll keep you posted on the progress of the cleanup and repairs.

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