Mother and baby escape as fire tears through their apartment

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A mother and her infant daughter escape their burning apartment off Wendover Road overnight.  Three other families evacuated.

The sounds of banging on doors woke a lot of people up at an apartment complex along the 900 block of North Wendover Road early Tuesday morning.

The knocks were loud and frantic, warning about a fire that was climbing along the side of the building.

Charlotte firefighters arrived on scene around 12:30am at the Hampton Creste Apartments, and reported the fire and smoke conditions along the back side of the two-story units.

This was a working fire.

The residents of four of the units had to grab what they could, and head out into the warm night air, while first responders went to work trying to knock the fire down.

"Crews stretched two attack lines and knocked the fire out before it got into the attic." said fire Chief Peter Skeris.

"Damages (are) about fifty-thousand dollars."

A mother and her infant daughter, who lived in the apartment were investigators think the fire started, wasn't allowed to go home.  She instead had to stay with family until repairs are made.

Neighbors said she had only lived in the apartment about a week.

The other three units were cleared, and the people living in them were allowed to go back home.

Right now, the cause of the fire is unclear.

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