Ken Lindholm District 5 questionnaire

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - WBTV's Sharon Smith sent a questionnaire to candidates running for the District 5 seat.

Ken Lindholm's answers are below:

Explain where you stand on the property revaluation process. Do you think it needs to be improved?

After speaking with many residents from across the district, this is an issue that affects Republicans, Democrats and Independents. It has been documented that the Assessor's office did not follow their own Established Guidelines for Valuation in the process throughout the County. I would recommend that a new Valuation be done applying the Established Guidelines and the difference in the corrected property tax be applied to the next tax bill. Residents are not opposed to paying property taxes, they are opposed to paying an amount based on an inaccurate value.

Where do your budget priorities fall? Are there areas where you see the county could save money?

My budget priorities fall into Educational Funding and Community Health. We have had the largest growth of any community in the Country and we need to be sure that we are handling this growth in a fiscally appropriate manner.

I believe that the most effective manner that the County Commission can assist the economy is to make investments in the Community that will bring long term returns to the tax payers. Providing a strong educational foundation that provides an opportunity for all students to achieve success and be productive citizens in the Community and creating an inviting business climate for companies currently located in Mecklenburg County as well as those look to relocate to our Community, are essential to keeping the economic engine moving forward.

I would look to keep the County Employee head count at the level that was established with the recent round of budget cuts. Apply those cost savings to fund future cost increases of employee benefits.

Where do you stand on consolidation?

I am against any further consolidation that creates a larger, more centralized control of power over the daily operations of this Community. There have been sufficient consolidation of departments between the City and County where operations warranted it such as Parks & Recreation and Utilities.

County Commissioners have been criticized for their inability to get along at times. How would you improve communication and relationships?

I believe that when there is a lack of respect, there tends to be a breakdown in the willingness to work together. The first thing I would do is meet with each of my counterparts on the commission and discuss with each other, where we have been and where we want to lead this Community. At that point, we be able to understand the positions we represent.

Is there one issue or concern that motivated you to enter the race more than any other? 

I do not believe it is that being a single issue Commissioner benefits the people in which you represent. There are many issues that affect the everyday lives of the citizens of Mecklenburg County and it would be disingenuous to them to focus on one issue.