Quail Hollow tournament kicks off with a question

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Mike Terry brings his sons to Quail Hollow every year for the tournament.

But this year is special. It's the 10th anniversary of the Wells Fargo Championship.

"Hard to believe, because my [oldest] son just turned ten. And I think we came out the first year...I think we brought him out as a baby actually."

Now, it's a firmly rooted family tradition, and Terry's hoping Wells Fargo will help him keep it that way.

"Oh, I hope they do," he says. "I hope the tournament stays here for good."

This anniversary begs a question: how many more will we get to celebrate?

The PGA Tour event is locked in until 2014, but after that the bank's contract will expire, and the ball could land on a completely different course. Wells Fargo execs say they haven't made any decisions yet. But there is more optimism out here this year than last.

Now that the economy's on the mend, tournament enthusiast Orlando Carr thinks there's no way Wells would walk away from an event so important to the community.

"It would be a big mistake if they didn't. Big mistake."

TRACK…Sure, it's an opportunity for city big wigs to rub elbows. But it's also a great place for, say, a couple of buddies who work at the post office, like Carr and Carlos Alexander.

"I'm working so I couldn't come all week, but it's pretty affordable," Alexander says.

And when an event draws all kinds, when it sells out as fast as it did this year, "I just feel it's great for Charlotte," says Alexander.