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How to be a Frugal Fashionista

Charlotte (WBTV) - At the North Tryon office of Cinhte Magazine they're working hard to empower women beyond the borders of North Carolina and around the globe.  I asked the Editor in Chief Nicole Camack to help us find ways to be frugal fashionistas.

Camack started by searching the web for trends in clothing.  "Bright bold colors are the rage," Camack told me.  She believes clothing has to be comfortable while still embracing the ideas of the season.  Camack picked a very popular look from the Banana Republic web site.  A cashmere sweater in cobalt blue, a coral blouse and cobalt ankle pants looked fabulous on our model, Jordyn-Briana Collins!  Her inspiration outfit was well over $600 dollars.  But the outfit Camack purchased was $158, all the way down to bangles, purse and shoes.  She bought the entire outfit at Target, which carries a very colorful line this year.

When asked about beauty products, Camack said, "You can have beautiful skin on a budget."  She showed me her choices in skin care.  A decent cleanser cost fewer than three dollars.  She uses the store brand from Rite Aid for moisturizer.  And to get the ‘sun-kissed' look without damaging your skin, Camack suggests L'Oreal Bronze Sublime ‘towelettes'.   "Just make sure your skin is clean and dry.  Just take them and pat them on, you don't want to do too much, just a nice vibrant bit of color for your skin," Camack said.

When it comes to the coral influence it is everywhere.  Camack found nail polishes in a variety of shades for $6.99, but if you want to be really frugal, she even found Sally Hanson nail polishes in the same color scheme for $1.99.

The takeaway I got from Camack, is it's fine to be excited about fashion and trends, but keep them in perspective.  "We work hard for our money; it is silly to blow it on ‘trends'.  Instead, for under $15 dollars you can purchase a scarf, some new lip color or polish and add that pop of color to spruce up what you already have.

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