Deadly Day on Local Roads

Hello everyone, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight on the news at 5:00PM—it's been a deadly day on local roads.  A person killed in a terrible five-vehicle fiery accident just west of Shelby in Cleveland County.  Our video shows nothing but burned out shells of sheet metal.  The accident shut-down traffic in both directions at 10:00AM, but the road may stay closed until 7:00PM.

A 20-year old was shot dead on his front porch.  Police tell us it's all over a girl.  We're following the investigation.

No surprise here, the Bobcats are parting with coach Paul Silas.  What may be surprising are the falling gas prices.

And, have you ever heard of treating a stopped heart by chilling out? Details of what doctors call therapeutic hypothermia.

Join Maureen O'Boyle and me for the latest at 5:00PM tonight!