Meth Lab Found in a Man's Pants

Hi again everyone, it's Paul Cameron here in the WBTV newsroom.

Looking over tonight's stories at 11:00PM-- a good neighborhood suffers a night residents won't forget.  Two people murdered in a townhouse, now police are hot on the trail of a shooter.   Could this be drug related?

We've reported on mobile meth labs in the past.  But this story really caught my eye—a meth lab found in the pocket of a man's pants.  Apparently all the ingredients were mixing together in a bottle that one man tried to hide from police.  Details on how he got caught.

There is video just into our newsroom of police pursuing an SUV pulling a trailer.  First, a lawnmower flies off the trailer.  Then, the driver stops by a lake, jumps in and tries to hide between barges.  You can imagine how successful that stunt was.

And the Panthers go big in the second round of the draft—really big.

Join Molly Grantham and me for Charlotte first choice for news at 11:00PM tonight!