Debate over concealed weapons at DNC hits Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  In September, tens of thousands of people will pour into Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention.  There will be delegates, celebrities, political junkies, and protestors…and technically all of them can come armed if they have a permit.

But some are worried about what that could mean in such a politically charged environment.

One of the most divisive presidents in recent history will accept his nomination at Bank of America stadium, and Mike Ruckart owns a salon just a couple of blocks away.  He's worried about the potential for violence.

"I think there should be some kind of interim type thing to keep that kind of thing from happening," says Ruckart. "We shouldn't have a lot of guns down here at that time. There's going to be too many people."

Others disagree.

"I do have a concealed weapons license," says Charlotte resident Larry Lippi. "I've had one now for two years, and I just truly believe that people who have concealed weapons are safer than your average person on the street."

"They don't need to worry about people with concealed carry license," adds Larry Hyatt of Hyatt Gun Shop. "They've been finger-printed, FBI-checked and trained. They need to worry about the ones that carry a concealed weapon that don't have a concealed permit."

Hyatt's shop is very busy, and he says bag that conceal guns are more popular than ever.

"There's more concealed classes than ever," he adds. "They are all full. It's really hard to get in on a Saturday class. They have sometimes forty people, and that's the max we can even cram in the rooms."