See, Click, Fix: Family wants answers to backyard flooding problems

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The picture Calvin Kelley snapped showing what his backyard looks like when the flooding is at its worst helps tell the story. He says the water gets about two feet deep and covers more than half of his backyard.

He blames two things on the problem: First, the city storm drain that flows to the backyard. "When it rains I get all the water that runs off the street," says Kelley. He also blames Campbell Creek that runs along his back property line.

"The water from the creek and the water from the storm drain completely floods my backyard," Kelley says.

He contacted the city of Charlotte over and over and so has See, Click, Fix. The Storm Water Services Department sent an investigator to Kelley's property and contends the drain is working as it should by pushing the water to the creek. Kelley disagrees.

"The water is not draining all the way and as you can see there is standing water here," says Kelley pointing to the storm drain. "There is standing water in the pipe."

Kelley recently spent more than $7,000 getting nearly 30 loads of dirt hauled in to raise the level of his property by a couple of feet. He hopes that will solve the problem and allow his family to enjoy the backyard - that turns into an unwanted swimming pool during a heavy rain.

We uncovered another possible issue for the Kelley's.

They live along a flood plain but says they were told in 2007, when they were closing on their home, they didn't need it.

It is common for lenders to not provide a loan to anyone buying a home in a flood plain, without them purchasing flood insurance first.

See, Click, Fix has contacted Bank of America to investigate whether something was missed in the closing process.

We are keeping this case open until we get final word from the bank.

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