6 injured after car collides with light rail train

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Traffic along Charlotte's light rail system came to a stop Wednesday night after one of the trains collided with a car.

The accident happened shortly after 8:30. At the light rail crossing located at Remount Road and South Blvd.

One car was sitting waiting for the train to pass. The arms on the tracks were down. The driver of a Jeep came up behind the car and pushed it through the arms on to the track. Both cars ended up on track.

The driver of the Jeep is being questioned by police. Investigators have not said if alcohol played a factor.

CATS spokesperson Jean Leier told WBTV News that three passengers and the train's engineer were taken to the hospital. And that three people in the car that was hit were taken to the hospital.

All the injuries are believed to be minor, according to CATS.The train engineer was transported as part of standard procedure following an accident. The engineer is not hurt, Leier said.

In an effort to keep traffic moving along the light rail line, CATS used what they call a bus bridge….which is basically shuttling passengers from trains that are either north or south of the accident on a bus around the accident, and on to another train.

As of 10:45 p.m.  the LYNX Blue Line service was back on its regular schedule and operating along the entire 9.6 miles. The intersection at Remount Road is back open, CATS said.

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