Shots fired at a CMS school bus

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron on the WBTV newsroom-- at 5:00PM tonight, we've gotten word of someone taking pot shots at a CMS school bus with only the driver onboard near JC Smith University this afternoon.  No one injured, and right now, police can't tell us the reason behind the drive-by spray of bullets.

Our Consumer Reporter Kristen Miranda examines a question of personal safety by linking the GPS in your phone to on-line dating apps.  In essence, you can go into a bar, look on your phone to find other single people in the room and they can spot you, too.

Plus, tonight we find out if Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will get his wish-- making the cover of the new Madden NFL video game.

Join Maureen O'Boyle and me for WBTV News at 5:00PM tonight.

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