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Larry Brown: Michael Jordan surrounds himself with incompetent people

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For the second time in as many weeks, Charlotte Bobcats owner and legend Michael Jordan is facing criticism from a former coach.

Wednesday morning, former Bobcats head coach and newly named Southern Methodist University basketball coach, Larry Brown blasted Jordan on "The Dan Patrick Show."

Brown was on the show to talk about his new gig, when the discussion moved to his past jobs.

Brown had strong comments about Michael Jordan and the Bobcats, where he was last coach in 2010.

During the interview, Brown said there were communication problems when he was the coach and Jordan was running the show. He said he often had to deal with people around Jordan, saying they weren't competent and didn't challenge Jordan.

"He has people around him that just made me sick. I mean, it was not comfortable. It was almost like there were spies wondering what you were doing and getting back to him," Brown said. "I should have spent more time face to face with Michael, because I do see a passion. I think he's just hurt right now."

He said that as a coach, he felt disconnected to Jordan and wished he had more one-on-one time.

"When I talked to him about playing and strength and weaknesses and what we need to do to be successful he's right on point, but he has all these other people  get in the way and you can't do it like that," Brown continued.

"A coach and a GM and President have to be attached at the hip and you might argue and fight, but at the end of the day when you make a decision - you know you are all on board and players can't go to the GM or to the president or our owner, gotta go chain of command and I don't think they get it."

Just two weeks ago, another former coach blasted Jordan in the media, saying there is a difference between a great player and a great executive.

"The work he put in to be a great player and the work you put in to be a great executive, those are different things," former coach Sam Vincent told the Washington Post. "That additional time you spend on jump shots, running, dunking, I don't know if he puts in that same amount of time as an executive or if he even cares to."

Vincent was pretty candid in the article, and questioned how active Jordan wants to be as an executive.

Earlier this month, the New York Daily News cited an unnamed source when it reported that Jordan might be preparing to walk away from the franchise if it can't win soon.

"I am 100 percent committed to building the Bobcats into a contender and have no plans to sell the team," a statement from the team stated after the article.

"It appeared to me that the relationship Michael had started off good, but somewhere it just really soured," Vincent told the Washington Post. "I felt a big part of the reason why we could never get the support back then — and still today — there was so much damage from the relationship fans had with the previous ownership."

In 2009-10, Brown guided the Bobcats to a 44-38 record and their only playoff appearance as an organization. "Well, I'm sick about it because you know we made the playoffs first time they ever made the playoffs," Brown said. "Got rid of Raymond Felton without getting  anything back, one of the greatest kids I ever coached in my life.  Got rid of Tyson Chandler who only played 50 games, or so for us the year we made the playoffs.  He came off terrible surgery and hadn't had a chance to practice and was gonna have the first summer where he was healthy and able to work on his game and half the new kids we brought in were injured and missed all of training camp, most of the early part of the season."

After a slow start the next season, Jordan replaced Brown with Paul Silas.

"And then we got fired just before Christmas. You know it's one thing me getting fired," Brown said. "But I had four of five assistants and they are out there not able to work  you know it was the worst and when your hero fires you."

"How tough was that when Jordan came in and said?" Dan Patrick asked. 

"I just couldn't believe it because you know I love the guy I think he's brilliant," Brown replied. "But he's around people that don't have a clue and they won't challenge him and the more you challenge him the more you get from him because he knows and I was sick about it. I haven't spoken to him since."

The Bobcats are now poised to become the worst team in league history, with a 7-57 record, with just two games left.  The Bobcats have lost 21 straight.

The 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers hold the mark at .110, going 9-73 in that full season, but a 7-59 finish would leave the Bobcats at .106.

"We don't want to be the worst team in NBA history. We know that in the back of our minds going into these next two games," point guard D.J. Augustin told ESPN on Monday.

"I really believe that I think Michael is gonna figure it out," Brown said in his interview Wednesday morning. "I certainly hope so, because we all benefited by being around him. I know I have."

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