Newt Gingrich still campaigning at Billy Graham Library

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Newt Gingrich took a private tour Tuesday of the Billy Graham Library, but no cameras allowed to follow him inside.

And after he finished, he said he wouldn't take questions…not yet anyway.

"We'll have something to say this evening after we see results from today," he said.

Voters headed to the polls Tuesday in five states, and Mitt Romney is widely expected to take at least four of them. But, if Gingrich wins the fifth…a possibility in Delaware, where he's been campaigning heavily…he says the win would stop the perception that Romney has the Republican nomination in the bag.

"I think it's a very substantial mistake for Governor Romney to be pretending that these primaries aren't occurring," Gingrich said.

Even if he did win Delaware though, it may not mean much. Delaware doesn't exactly have a lot of Delegates.

"Delaware is a very small state," says Mark Kelso, a political analyst and professor at Queens University. "I mean, if he won Pennsylvania maybe ok. But I don't think he has much chance of doing that."

Kelso says Gingrich doesn't have much chance of winning the Republican candidacy at all.

"Not really. Not really to win. I think he's in it for a couple of reasons," he says.

Gingrich may be having a tough time letting go.

"I think some of it is personal, quite honestly," says Kelso. "I think when Newt Gingrich after South Carolina looked like a leading contender I think he was really hit by the Romney campaign and I think that made him really bitter."

But the Speaker's doggedness may be more strategic, too.

"The long term might be to maybe influence the platform," Kelso says. "When the Republican convention meets, one of the things they will do is put together a platform and policy statements and I think there is some feeling that if Romney isn't pushed on that he may be too far towards the center to please some conservatives."

In fact, coming here allows Gingrich to weigh in on one of the most polarizing issues at hand.  He is endorsing Amendment One, a proposal that would ban gay marriage in North Carolina.

"And I would challenge Governor Romney to join us in supporting that referendum and sharp distinction from President Obama," Newt told the small crowd gathered at the Billy Graham Library.