President Obama fights student loan increases in North Carolina.

Good afternoon! This is Maureen O'Boyle from the WBTV newsroom.  Hope your Tuesday's been a good one so far.  It's been busy here, we're covering news all across the Carolinas.

President Barack Obama brought his fight against an increase in student loan rates to college students in North Carolina today.  The Tar Heel state is considered a key battleground state in President Obama's bid for reelection. He told the crowd at UNC Chapel Hill that it was just over 8 years ago he and the First Lady managed to pay off their college loans.  The president is urging Congress to extend low interest college loans.  Our David Whisenant was there for the president's speech, he'll be live for us at 5pm.

Plus...We go one-on-one with the man who's got your child's education in his hands.  Dr. Heath Morrison talks with our education reporter about teacher morale in CMS.  Republicans in Raleigh want to end teacher tenure and have pay for performance in all of the state's school districts.   Lawmakers believe it will make it easier to get rid of ineffective teachers, but many teachers say the bill isn't fair.  How will he try and boost teacher morale? We're On Your Side asking Dr. Morrison tonight.

Your serious concerns are See Click FIXed.  Anchor John Carter heard from viewers worried about missing manholes and the dangers they posed to people walking and kids playing nearby.   Well he worked an extra long day today as there was some late breaking action to get things fixed! Details of tonight at 5:15pm.

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