Brrrr... the big freeze is on!

Hey everyone, it's Chris from the Web Desk. We're taking a look at your Monday afternoon headlines.

Brrrr… it's cold outside. The big freeze is on and a late-April snow storm coated the high country overnight. And tonight we're looking at repeat temperatures, with a frigid night on the way.

In tonight's top story at 5 p.m., WBTV's Steve Ohnesorge is taking a look at what this late season freeze means for crops in North Carolina and how that could impact you.

Plus… Republicans in the North Carolina Senate are rolling out a package of public school initiatives they say would create performance bonuses for teachers but end their employment tenure. The move is an effort to give school districts more power to easily dismiss ineffective teachers. WBTV's Dedrick Russell is looking at how local teachers feel about the issue. 

And – Have you heard of something called "energy vampires?"  They are appliances that suck power - even when they're "off." In tonight's Stretching Your Dollar, anchor Maureen O'Boyle discovered a new way to pinpoint the worst offenders in your home and it will help you save money!  Find out more tonight at 5:15 p.m.

Trending on An attempt to move baseball to uptown Charlotte hasn't been fully approved, but a major banking company is already showing its support with a deal for the new stadium's naming rights.  Click here for more information.  

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