PSI Monday: In search of the disappearing deposit

IREDELL COUNTY, NC (WBTV) -  Nancy and Charlie Moshier were a team for 56 years.

"We decided to retire here in North Carolina," said Nancy Moshier.

About a decade ago they bought some farmland near Statesville in Iredell County. They built a home and made the move from Long Island.

"He thought it would be the place to be," said Moshier.

Charlie's health though took a bad turn. Medical bills began piling up and the Moshiers needed cash. They thought they were prepared.

Before they left New York they made what should have been a low risk investments at their local Long Island bank. They put tens of thousands of dollars in certificates of deposit. Now it was time to cash in on some good planning.

"We needed the money for doctors bills and so forth," said Moshier. "When we tried to cash them in, they never heard of them."

Things then went from bad to worse. Charlie passed away last June. The bills are still due and the Moshiers investments are still missing.

"They can't find any record that they were ever purchased," said Moshier. "It makes no sense."

We begin the chase to find Moshier's missing money in a Problem Solver Investigation Monday night at 11:00.