Republican Congressional District 9 candidates debate

MATTHEWS,NC (WBTV) - All ten Republican candidates vying for US Congressional District 9 seat took to the mike Saturday.  They participated in a debate and they wasted no time telling the crowd why they should get their vote.

"We need to take back Washington," Candidate Ken Leonczyk said. "We need to take it back from the professional politicians. We need to get people up there who aren't afraid to shoot straight."

The candidates want to take over Sue Myrick's seat.  She has decided not to run again.

At the debate, the candidates touched on everything from foreign affairs to reforming social security.

Many fear social security will be out of money in about 20 years.  Candidate Andy Dulin has a plan to fix social security.

"We are going to raise the age limit a little bit," Dulin said. "And are also going to help by creating jobs."

The subject many were interested in was the economy. Voters want to know how will the candidates turn the economy around and create jobs.

Some candidates argue it's not up to the federal government to create jobs.

"Job creation comes about through free enterprise," Candidate James Lynch said.  "Through capitalism, through the lack of regulation."

"America and jobs were not built by the federal government." Candidate Jim Pendergraph said.

While the ten were busy getting their message out,  voters got their message out too.  They explained what type of representative they want in DC.

"Either a conservative democrat," Voter Carmine Dalta said.  "Or a liberal republican - if there are such animals that exist."

District 9 voter Michelle Egan said she wants a representative who cares about education and wants to fund it.

"The children are our future," Egan said.  "And if we don't help them and get funding for our students - we all are going to lose out."

Early voting has already started.  The primary takes place May 8th.

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