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Is money trouble hurting your marriage?

"For better or for worse" and "For richer and for poorer" are core themes to millions of wedding vows. But a tough economy can test and even break these promises.

Even in the best of times, money often causes the most conflict in a marriage. These certainly aren't the best of times, and many couples are calling it quits.

What about you?

Is your relationship strong enough to withstand the pressures that come with economic challenges?

Research shows that financial hardship is detrimental to marital stability. When money isn't coming in, love can fly out the door. It's especially difficult if one partner can't find work and the other belittles them, or if the partner who has a job feels taken advantage of.

When money's scarce, the economy can become a nagging third partner in a marriage. It's important to remember that the two of you are a team. You both need to face your money troubles together. Not only is it more likely to lead to a solution, it can make the struggle less scary and lonely.

The two of you should take stock of your economic situation. Examine your spending habits. Be honest about mistakes in the past and create a serious budget for getting through these tough times. If your partner is unemployed, be supportive. Give them strength to go out and look for work and not fear rejection.

Be optimistic and trust that, if you work together, you can not only get through this challenging economy, but you can also come out on the other side of it more deeply connected than ever before.

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