See, Click, Fix: Parked, abandoned trailers a nuisance

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The morning See, Click, Fix visited the vacant lot in question only one semi was parked there, but one viewer tells us that's not always the case.

Sandra writes on our See, Click, Fix page at "Trailers are dumped there with no cabs and some trailers have cabs attached. This is not only an eyesore, but who knows what could be stored in those trailers that are being dumped there."

The Citgo gas station next door has the same concern. One worker worried abandoned cabs will encourage others up-to-no-good to target their business.

It was hard to tell from the shattered window on the cab whether someone was locked out or trying to break in. More broken glass was on the ground likely from other semi's parked in this spot in the past.

The main question: Are vehicles like this even parked here legally?

It's a problem we brought before city of Charlotte officials who are now investigating.

The city says it has cited the property owners 50 dollars, but say they have been cooperative.

The owners already moved several trailers. The city expects the final one on the lot will be moved within the week.

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