Some industries hot even amid lukewarm economy

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The economy may feel lukewarm at best, but there are a handful of industries out there getting much, much hotter.

There were over fifty people packed into Quinn Reynolds' yoga class this morning.  "Yeah, at 6:15am," she says. "It's been crazy. We've had lines out the door."

A new report says yoga studios like Reynolds' are flourishing all over the country. She's a recent college grad, and the studio she owns with her brother in South End, Arrichion, is their second.  They opened their first business in Raleigh.

"The first four months in Raleigh, I taught a lot of classes four to five students. And then all of a sudden...15, 20 students, then 30. So it's really growing. Now, every class in Raleigh is 60 clients. It's insane."

And Reynolds says opening a place like hers doesn't have to be a huge risk.

"I think that's the biggest thing. It's not super expensive. It's doable," she says.

That's what Anne Pipkin thought when she decided to get in on another one of the fastest growing industries in America - self-tanning.

At her shop, Gorgeous Glo, you won't find any complicated machinery.  A technician sprays by hand.

"A person is actually spraying you, and that's the interesting thing," says Pipkin. "That's why no one turns orange, and everyone looks beautiful when they leave.  We are almost fully booked every day. And we are open 11 to 9 most days, and we book every 20 minutes, so that is a lot of people."

In fact, things are good, Pipkin recently expanded.

"We also saw that blow dry bars were a big new thing, and it's been a fabulous complimentary addition," she says.