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Prominent lawyer helps family seek justice

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -The family and supporters of 16 year old Charlotte teen Jasmine Thar got into cars Wednesday morning and are heading to Chadbourn, NC seeking justice.  Thar was shot and killed back in December in Chadbourn, NC while visiting family.  The parents are upset there still has been no arrest.

Now a prominent lawyer has joined the case.  Attorney Willie Gary is on board to represent the family and will be in Chadbourn on Thursday.

The shooter claims it was an accident but the parents don't believe that.  23 year old James Blackwell said he was cleaning his high powered rifle when the bullet went flying and hit Thar and two others.

Thar was the only one who didn't survive.

"That's sending out a really negative message out to America," Victim's mother Claretta McNeil said. "That we can shoot people and say it's an accident and get away with it and it's okay."

"I want to see my man in front of a judge," Victim's Father John McNeil said.  "In front of a jury and explain."

Thar's mothers wants to see Blackwell behind bars. The family will hold a rally in Chadbourn on Wednesday and will return Thursday.  That is when the District Attorney will announce if charges will be filed.

The mother said she would be devastated if the DA says the shooting death was an accident.

Other agencies are looking into this shooting.

The Chadbourn Police department requested the State Bureau of Investigation to handle the case.

The District Attorney writes "We are committed to seeking justice and going wherever the truth leads."  The Attorney also writes "The public should have every confidence that our final determination will be based on the facts and the law."

The family is also concerned what was found in Blackwell's room.  Those findings prove to them this shooting could involve racial tension.

"That the Nazi magazine and confederate flag," the father said. "Was found in his room."

The parents are also concerned they were told conflicting stories about what happened.

They have now reached out to Charlotte - Mecklenburg Police Department.  Officers will give parents advice on how to proceed.  The parents asked a CMPD officer in his opinion were there any missteps in this case.

"He couldn't comment on it," T.H.U.G. Founder John Barnette said.  "But what we told him - he said it doesn't sound right."

Barnette is assisting the parents.  He claims this case reminds him of another case involving an unarmed teenager shot and killed by an adult.

"The key word for both Trayvon Martin," Barnette said. "And this particular case is neglect."

The parents have now started a petition for people to sign who think this case should be looked at thoroughly.  

"It's been really hard," the mother said. "I have been traumatized. She actually died in front of me. Not sleeping - trying to get justice for her."

Here is the link to the petition.

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