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Growing Veggies To Save

Charlotte (WBTV) Mid-April in our area means the end to the threat of a killer frost, so gardeners get your gloves on!  Typically our region doesn't see a deep freeze after April 15 which makes the upcoming weekend a perfect time to get your garden growing.  A popular trend is container gardens, really a raised bed encased in cedar lumber.  Charlotte's "Gardening Gals" company makes the cedar boxes, will fill them with dirt even plant the veggies for you.

Susan Cannella and Helen Denny launched their company Gardening Gals to share their love of gardening with others.  "Basically we want to make it easy for them so we build the bed bring the soil, even provide the plants. The hard parts done all they have to do is water it and that's really all there is to it," Cannella says.  There are so many advantages to raised bed gardening, one Cannella points out is how much easier it is to weed. 

I showed the women a basket of organic veggies I purchased totally just under twenty dollars. A bunch of basil cost almost six dollars.  "I don't understand why people don't just buy a basil plant for 2.99 when I see those prices," Cannella told me!  The women estimated that for 20 dollars worth of plants from a big box store I could fill my basket as many as ten times over before the summer is out.

Scott's Miracle Gro conducted a study a few years back that estimated if the average family spent 70 dollars on a veggie garden every year, they would be able to reap as much as 600 dollars worth of vegetables and herbs.  But that is in the best case scenario.  It's hard to calculate your real savings, because there is work involved, and your time is money.

Cannella and Denny told me they get their kids involved.  "They love coming out here and picking something to eat.  Last year we planted about 12 tomato plants, we had more than we could obviously use, so I canned.  But we took what we couldn't eat up the street and sold it.  The kids loved having a tomato stand in the summer," Cannella told me.  Think of it as a new take on the old fashioned lemonade stand; get the kids excited about reaping the rewards of their hard work, and actually earning something from it.

So if you have a place in your back yard that gets a good six hours of sun a day, easy access to water, (a rain barrel is a good idea), and you've got time, you can be a vegetable gardener.  And if you are looking for help, the Gardening Gals are just a click away!  "We love gardening, and being able to share that love with other people!"

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