Free app allows you to name your enemies

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -   We were all taught that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  Now there is a free app on Facebook that allows you to publicly name your enemies and give shout outs online as to who they are and why.

The app is called  It's free and it lets you name your enemies on Facebook.  You can even define someone as an archenemy.  The creator said that they created this app because people can bond together based on things they dislike such as a politician, a wayward celebrity, or a food.

However, WBTV's cyber expert is concerned that this creates a new glorified form of bullying or organized hate and she has a warning:


1.  EnemyGraph is free and easy to install

2.  Within minutes you can name your enemies

3.  You can trend enemies - as of this show the top 3 enemies were:  Justin Bieber, Rick Santorum,  and Westboro Baptist Church

4.  EnemyGraph says they feel they have stop gaps in place:  you have to be friends with the profile, you have to have the app installed, and you have to be "generally famous" but one person with only 59 likes showed up temporarily as #5 with only 4 enemies listing him.  That hardly seems "generally famous"


1.  For starters, mistaken identity and naming someone the wrong person!

example:  the Justin Bieber "top enemy" listed on the site, when you click on it, the site even says, "I'm not the real Justin Bieber, I'm just a fan" and his Facebook profile was chosen as an enemy!

2.  Concern for kids using this app and creating a glorified form of cyberbullying - even if only directed at "generally famous" people does not send a good message

3.  Digital is forever - why would you want your dislikes posted and a record created of all those dislikes?

4.  Anyone can go to the site to see the trending enemies without every installing the app so its very public


If you are curious about EnemyGraph or the trending topics click here.  

If you or a loved one are a victim of Facebook abuse from bullying to identity theft, go immediately to this link in Facebook for assistance.


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