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  • Tommy Jordan took the nation by storm with a video responding to his teen daughter's Facebook rant about chores. He shot her laptop and posted it on YouTube. How do you feel about his video?

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  • 8 minutes that changed a family

Laptop shooting dad, daughter on life after Facebook rant and YouTube video

ALBEMARLE, NC (WBTV) - It was an 8:23 video that had the nation and the world talking for weeks: Tommy Jordan responding angrily to his 15-year-old daughter's Facebook rant about doing chores around the house.

"This right here is my .45," says Jordan in the YouTube video as he wields his gun before the camera. "That right there is your computer," he says as the camera focuses in on her laptop on the ground. What happens next would be Jordan shooting nine bullets into his daughter's computer.

The video created a firestorm with 32 million views on YouTube, and an endless supply of support for Jordan and backlash against him.

For the first time since the video became public Jordan and his daughter, Hannah Marie, sit down with WBTV's Christine Nelson to discuss how life has changed and what lessons they have learned.

They also share what made each of them so upset causing them to respond the way they did. Jordan also answers the question about whether he has any regrets. You'll also get to hear and see for yourself what father and daughter's relationship is like now.

WBTV is the only Charlotte television station where you can watch the interview. Tune in to Christine Nelson's report Thursday night, April 19, at 11 p.m.

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