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Would you trade toys online?

Many of you pay to trade in movies each month. Why not trade those toys while you're at it? 

Parents spend a lot of money on toys that might get played with one or two times and then be retired to a shelf, replaced by something new. 

Several websites are now offering toy renting and trading services. You sign up, choose a plan and pay a monthly fee. In return, you receive six toys every other month.

Sounds like a good plan, right? 

Many parents have hopped on board, but others have raised some concerns. 

"How many kids have played with that toy," one parent asked. "Maybe you got a kid with a cold or something that sent a toy in." 

So germs are a concern...no surprise there. We checked with one service and sure enough, they didn't like those germs either. That's why they had a three-step sanitization process that includes heating the toys to 212 degrees. 

Still, some parents remain skeptical. Renting movies is one thing...but renting toys appears to be another. Would you? 

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