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Hunger Games' "District 12" filming site up for sale in NC

HILDEBRAN, NC  (WBTV) – A major filming site for the movie "Hunger Games" can be yours for a price.

Owner Wade Shepherd wants to sell the old Henry River Mill Village and the 72 acres it sits on for $1,400,000. 

He says it is not to cash in on the movie's fame but merely "For estate planning." 

Shepherd is hoping someone coming by to look at the filming location might want to buy the place and there have been plenty of people stopping by.

"It's unreal how many people have come," he said Thursday.  He estimates upwards of 5,000 visitors so far. "On the weekends it starts at sunup and goes all the way until dark."

Brittany Vockey broke into a run as she spotted some things she saw in the movie.

Vockey said she has seen the movie four times and just had to drive to Burke County to take a look at the site.

Taylor and Rachel Smith came all the way from Raleigh to have their picture made in front of the old mill company store building that played a prominent part in the movie.

Shepherd said it is okay with him if people come by to take a look.

"The only thing I ask is they stay on the sidewalk or the pavement and not go onto the grass where they might get hurt."

He has had to beef up security because so many people have come by.

For the most part, he said, people have been respectful of the property but there have been a couple of instances of vandalism.

One board could be seen missing from the side of one old home that was used in the filming.

Part of the wooden "P" in the word Pastries on the wall of the old company store building is missing too.

Shepherd said anyone caught taking anything from the property will be prosecuted.

No one has lived in the old mill village for decades. The old cotton mill built in the 1920's burned down in the 1970's and that ended the community.

Shepherd hopes a new owner will keep the village as it is, at least for the time being.

A sequel to the "Hunger Games" is expected and that could include more scenes being filmed at the site. No timetable for that has been set.

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