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10 and 2? Not anymore. New driving guidelines for your teen

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- Is your teen getting ready to take Driver's Education? New driving guidelines will change how they learn to maneuver behind the wheel.

AAA is now recommending teens are taught to place their hands much lower on the wheel at "8 and4" instead of the old, standard way of "10 and 2"

Tracy Anderson, a parent whose 14 year old son starts Driver's Ed in few days, was surprised to hear about the changes.

"I feel more comfortable at '10 and 2'," she said. "I learned old school and I feel you have more control of the car at "10 and 2" rather than "8 and 4".

Chuck Lehning, director of Jordan Driving School in Charlotte, says that's something he hears all the time from parents.

"Really "10 and 2" is gone," he said. "We don't teach that anymore."

But why? Tom Crosby, of AAA Carolinas, says they've been recommending young drivers be taught to drive at 8 and 4 so they'll be safe if their airbags ever deploy.

"When the airbags go off in an accident, it comes at you [toward your chest] and your hands come back," he explained. "If your hands are [at "10 and 2"], they come back into your face. You have a watch on, it cuts your eyes."

While some may think teens have less control with their hands lower on the wheel, Crosby says it's actually the opposite.

"It will actually better for teens because teens tend to overreact," he pointed out. "And when they turn like that, that's how they run off the road or into oncoming traffic."

Lehning says "8 and 4" will be the only way they way teens know to drive. 

"Kids at least need to know how to do it because of safety," he said.

And for Anderson, safety is the most important thing.

"I'm just gonna sort of watch and see how he does at that," she said. "And if he feels comfortable with that, then I'll feel comfortable with that."

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