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Coyotes attack dog at home near middle school

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STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A Statesville woman is concerned after two coyotes attacked her dog, Barclay, right in her back yard.

Samantha Thompson lives next to the woods behind Statesville Middle School. Tuesday, while she was out of town on a business trip, her boyfriend called to tell her that her one-year-old Pekingese had been carried off and bitten by a pair of coyotes.

Thompson said her boyfriend was in the driveway while the dog was in the back yard, which backs up to a steep incline leading down to a creek.

One coyote had Barclay's snout and the other had his hind quarters in its mouth. Thompson's boyfriend ran down the hill, yelling and making noise.  That was enough to scare the coyotes off, dropping Barclay into the creek.

"The dog was in shock," said Thompson. "All of his joints had locked up. But when he laid his hand underneath him, he could feel his heart beating."

After being rushed to the vet, Barclay is now doing fine. He has two puncture inside his mouth and one on his behind.

Thompson said she can't shake that creepy feeling that a pack of coyotes is close by and not afraid to run right into her yard. Plus, her property borders a greenway as well as Statesville Middle School.

Thompson called several local officials to see what could be done to prevent another attack. She said everyone she spoke to with the county and the city said there's nothing that can be done. Guns can't be fired within city limits, and trapping them isn't an option either.

"I don't want to kill them or anything like that. Let's just catch them and relocate them where they need to be, not so much in the middle of a city and the public where someone can get hurt," said Thompson.

She and her family want to see the laws changed so coyotes don't continue to get closer to homes.  Just one day after the attack, which involved two brown coyotes, Thompson spotted a black coyote in the same area of the woods, just behind her home.

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