Group says it'll take 107 days of work to pay your taxes

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You spend a lot of money every year on food, clothing, and your home. But the average person spends more on taxes than all three of those categories combined.

It's devastating some times, especially when you're living paycheck to paycheck," says Charlotte resident Robert Barnes. "But what are you going to do. This is the United States of America, so..."

So you pay Uncle Sam.

But that doesn't mean you won't look forward to Tax Freedom Day...the day you finally stop working for him and start working for yourself.

A fiscally conservative organization called The Tax Foundation says most Americans will work 107 days just to be able to earn enough money to pay their yearly debt to the government, but the exact amount of time varies from state to state.

Tax Freedom Day arrives in North Carolina on April 11th this year, according to The Tax Foundation. South Carolina is liberated a little sooner - April 3rd.

Actually, South Carolina is one of the earliest pay-off date states. The last are New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Seeing it all laid out like this brings up a lot of emotions.

"It feels like I'm working for the government, I'm not working for myself," one Charlotte resident told us.

"I think it's absurd," says another.

"But again...what are you going to do?" asks Barnes. "You gotta pay taxes in order to keep this country running.

Some object to The Tax Foundation's calculations.

Clearly, there is a theoretical element in play there.

But the concept was developed in 1948, and the latest figures are widely anticipated each year.