See, Click, Fix: Frustrated G-mail user can't get explanation for lost emails

SHELBY, NC (WBTV) - Catherine Fuller works at her husband's small business, Fuller's Automotive Care, in Shelby. Much of the business correspondence, like tracking transactions and credit card payment confirmations, is done through her G-mail account.

Then one day emails from Jan. 12 to March 19 suddenly disappeared.

"First thing I did was start checking my bank account and you know all my other stuff my credit cards," says Fuller.

No one hacked into her account. The emails just vanished! Fuller found out she wasn't alone by, ironically, doing a Google search.

"So I googled it and a million different websites came up - complaints. The same thing that was happening (to me)," says Fuller.

On top of that frustration she couldn't get through to a Google or G-mail representative so she emailed See, Click, Fix.

A few things we found out: G-mail does have a message recovery form users can fill out. Once gmail verifies a user's account through their security system, lost emails in the last 30 days can be recovered.

But with 350 million users it's not a perfect science, as Fuller found out after going through the message recovery process. G-mail still couldn't recover her lost mail.

The best resolution she says: Take her business elsewhere.

"I'm just going to use a different outlet and I know how to get a hold of AT&T if it happens," says Fuller.

See, Click, Fix talked to Google again on Fuller's behalf. The company did say in looked in her account and didn't see any kind of activity that would cause her emails to just vanish. So basically the company did not have an explanation.

Here's a tip. There is a way you can save emails if you're ever concerned about them getting lost or disappearing. All you have to do is open the email message and go to "File" then "Save As" and save it on your hard drive or on a flash drive.

Click on this link to go to G-mail's message recovery form.

Click on this link to go to G-mail's account recovery help center.

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