Panthers Linebacker takes art to a new level

Panthers linebacker, James Anderson put on a clinic for the Carolina Panthers in 2011, setting the record for most tackles in a single season with 174.

When number 50 isn't taking names, he's putting paint to canvas. The former studio art major at Virginia Tech, let our camera's inside his world for a day. (see the attached video)

Unlike football, his only playbook in art is full of color.

The piece he is currently working on, will be donated to a golf tournament for the Hokie Alumni Association.

Not all of Anderson's work depicts kind emotions, the other end of the spectrum, is how he'd handle a painting about their rivals  ... the New Orleans Saints. Anderson says there would be a lot of dark and clashing colors.

As the Panthers get ready for the 2012 season, a lot of love and bright colors are in the works.