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Teen girls accused in cab driver's death, investigators say

HICKORY, NC  (WBTV) – Two 16-year-old girls were arrested over the weekend in connection with the murder of Yellow Cab driver Adam Williams last August in Hickory.

Emily Starnes of Hildebran and Consandra Tyree of Newton were arrested after the Catawba County Grand Jury returned true bills of indictment against them last week.

The pair is charged with murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit murder. Both are being held without bond in the Catawba County Jail.

Their indictments follow similar true bills against two other men.

Camyron Johnson and Matthew Hopkins were indicted last year on murder and robbery charges. A third man, Robert McElwee, was indicted on one count of accessory after the fact. 

Adam Williams had only worked with the Yellow Cab Company for a few weeks and had planned to leave that job for another. He had two shifts left with the cab company when he was killed.

Williams went to the closed Fuddruckers Restaurant along Highway 70 to pick up a fare. Instead, he was attacked in the cab and stabbed repeatedly. He struggled to a restaurant next door to ask for help but died before an ambulance arrived.

"It just makes no sense," said Ronald Stevens who manages the Yellow Cab Company in downtown Hickory. Williams had only $39 on him when the murder happened.

"It could have been any one of us," said one cab driver on Monday. It is a part of the job, they say, that is always on their mind. George Huffman said he tries to put it out of his mind. "It is what I chose to make a living," he said about his driving job. 

The arrest of the two 16-year-olds doesn't surprise the cabbies and they say they have little sympathy for the two girls.

"If they done the crime they need to pay for it no matter how old they are," said Wayne Stewart.

Hickory Police Captain Thurman Whisnant said investigators have been following leads for months and the evidence reached the level where it was time to take some action.

The two girls had been charged with obstruction of justice but evidence showed their involvement may have been more than first thought.

"We met with the District Attorney and collectively decided to take the cases to the Grand Jury."  Whisnant called the case and the arrests "a tragedy."

Bond for Emily Starnes was set at $230,000 on Tuesday.

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