An Easter recipe for your favorite "chocoholic"

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you can't get enough chocolate, the recipe Chef Josh Cain from Bar Cocoa at the Ritz is perfect for you.

He shared the recipe for Milk Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Sauce on WBTV News Sunday morning and the recipe is below:

Milk Chocolate Mousse

¼ Cup  Heavy Cream

¼ Cup  Whole Milk

1 Tbsp  Granulated Sugar

2 ea  Egg Yolks

1 ¾ tsp  Knox Gelatin powder

3      Tbsp  Cold water

11 oz  Milk Chocolate (Chopped Up)

11/8  Cup  Whipping Cream

Bloom Gelatin with cold water. Combine egg yolks and sugar. Heat milk and cream and pour slowly into egg yolks and sugar while whisking quickly. Return to the stove on low heat, cook until it  thickens: do not boil. Add Gelatin to the custard and then pour over chocolate until well blended. Fold in whipped cream. Let set then pipe into container.

Chocolate Sauce

1  l water

500  g sugar

270  g glucose

180  g cocoa powder

500  g chocolate

250  g butter

Boil the first 3 ingredients, add the cocoa powder then boil again. Pour over the chocolate, burmix then add the butter, burmix again.

Keep in the fridge.

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