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Controversy brews over at coffee shop, landlord sends eviction notice

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - A photo snapped on a Morganton street has gone viral and it has controversy brewing around a local coffee shop.

The Kyote Koffee shop along West Fleming Drive serves coffee with a twist - baristas dressed in corsets and skimpy clothing, the business' owner told WBTV on Friday.

Saturday, WBTV obtained a letter from the property owner's attorney asking the business to vacate the premises by March 31. The letter cites several violations, including "nuisances in the parking lot" and "lewdness."

The shop has been steeped in controversy since a picture, taken on Valentine's Day, went viral.

The photo, which was sent to WBTV by a viewer, shows a Kyote Koffee employee dressed in skimpy clothing standing on the side of the street, holding a sign with the company's slogan of "Come Get Some."

A comment posted on Kyote Koffee's Facebook says "this was the result of miscommunication between staff and management once again sincerest apologies," but wouldn't elaborate on what the miscommunication was.

Another comment on the page stated that the company's slogan is "Come Get Some" and "wasn't meant to seem perverted what so ever."

According to the owner, Tim Krol, the employees dress in corsets to lend to more of a fun and relaxing environment for their customers. "People like to go where they can be happy," said Krol.

The company was closed on Thursday, partly to "deal with harassment and negativity coming from other business owners," the owner said. All of the store's signs were stolen on Thursday evening, the owner told WBTV, but the shop was back open on Friday.

The eviction notice says Krol must vacate by March 31, but Krol said he wasn't even sure whether it was legal to kick him out without 30 days notice.

Monday, WBTV spoke with a civil litigation attorney in Charlotte.  Claire Shapack said it's a misconception that 30 days notice is required for commercial or residential leases.  According to Shapack, the terms of the lease stipulate the conditions of termination.

WBTV checked out Kyote Koffee's lease, and it says it can be terminated with no notice if the business violates the terms of the lease.

While some business owners that share a parking lot with Kyote will undoubtedly be happy if the shop has to move, one restaurant owner said she'd rather see the coffee shop change its ways and stay.

"I don't agree with the fact that they use their body to sell coffee," said Harriette Puett, who own's Momma's Kitchen. "The girls are beautiful girls. They've got beautiful spirits. People need to stop being so judgmental, so mean, so hateful, and take the time to know them and maybe they can change them."

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