Man talks to kids about drunk crash, with no voice

BURKE CO., NC (WBTV) - March 25th, 2005. That was the day Sean Carter made a decision that changed every day of his life since then.

To a crowd of hundreds of high school students at East Burke High, Sean typed out each word of his story while a computerized voice translated it through the gym's speakers. Sean had been drinking one night with buddies and got into the passenger seat of his friend's truck.

"And it spun and slammed into a tree. On the passengers side," Sean slowly types.

The accident left him with a brain injury so severe, he's just learning to walk again. While Sean can't talk right now, he believes one day his voice will work again too.

"It just makes me think twice about the decisions I'm going to make," said one student after hearing Sean's story.

Sean and his mother Jenny travel the country telling their story. With the hopes no other family will ever have to go through what their's did.

Over the last 7 years, Sean has not only learned to slowly walk, but to laugh. He left the school with a final message that wasn't about the dangers of drunk driving, but about perseverance.

"Being happy is a choice. Now, I choose to live each day I live being happy. I love my life in spite of my laundry list of issues."