Minority business group In search of slice of DNC pie

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -When DNCC chief Steve Kerrigan offered an update on the status of Septembers big event, one of the first concerns he addressed head on was the issue of inclusion.

He said, "We've put minority and diverse outreach as one of our priorities."

Civil Rights attorney James Ferguson  is among those feeling shut out.

Ferguson was speaking on behalf of the Carolina Regional Minority Partnership Coalition.

The group was established last year to make sure that minority business enterprises get a fair share and fair shake when the convention comes to town.

"It is of paramount importance that the DNC share information and provide periodic reports to us," he said. "We are go to work to help make sure that we find minority people who are available and qualified to do the work."

In setting the goal of one third participation by minority businesses, convention organizers have showcased businesses with winning contracts for the convention that starts in September.

Kerrigan is looking for common ground.

"We've have met many times with attorney Ferguson. He is great friend. It is an honor to work with him on things like this," Kerrigan said.  "We just excited about working together to make sure that we can maximize and exceed that goal."

Ferguson has a bigger picture in his view.

"We're all working for the success of the convention, and we're more importantly working for the success of the election."

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