Drive-thru grocery store opens in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Audra Loughren did her research before visiting the Swiss Farms store on Sardis Road North in Charlotte for the first time today.

"I knew what kinds of items they stock so I was ready to order," Loughren, the busy mom of an infant, said.

She had to get some peanut butter, some sweet tea, and a few other items.  She pulled her car up to the window, a clerk took her order, and within minutes she was on her way having never stepped a foot outside her car.

"This is great because with an infant, even though he's a great baby, it's a real hassle to get them out of the car and into the cart while trying to manage your groceries," Loughren added.

They carry approximately 800 of the most popular grocery items.  They've done their research and these are the convenience items people typically run quickly into a grocery store for.

When asked about the cost for the convenience, Lang said he tries to stay within 10 to 20 cents of his competitors on similar items.

They're not the only ones making grocery shopping easier for busy moms.

A company based in Pineville is starting a grocery delivery service.  Currently it's only available in the Ballantyne area.

"Because we have low overhead we're able to keep our prices about six percent below regular grocery store prices and as long as you have a minimum order of $25 there are no fees and tipping is not allowed," said Lettuce Carry CEO Rahim Rahim.

Then there's Lakeview Farms which has been delivering milk and more than 100 other products to Charlotte-area families for nearly ten years now.

"We weren't sure how it was going to go at first but now we have loyal customers who understand we have a quality product and the word has spread through neighborhoods," said Jim Price at Lakeview.

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