See, Click, Fix: Donation box obstructing drivers' view gets moved

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Planet Aid drop box is a convenient way to make donations to help millions of needy people around the world. But thousands of miles away here in Charlotte, at the intersection of Echodale Drive and Nation's Ford Road, you've told us its hurting, not helping, drivers.

Vickie writes on our See, Click, Fix page online: " the intersection (it's) very hard to see.... you are almost about to pull out in front of ongoing traffic."

We saw the problem for ourselves and reached out to the folks at Planet Aid.

It was the same day we heard back from the organization via email letting us know the box was moved.

Right now, you can see remnants of where the Planet Aid box once stood and where it is now about six feet away. A simple fix that, for drivers, is making a world of difference.

Planet Aid says from here on out it will make sure the box doesn't continue to pose a hazard.

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